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Who We Are

Cutco at Home is the newest division of the Cutco Family, an established company that has been in business since 1949. This new division focuses on showing Cutco in a social setting, whether that be a girls’ night-in, a couples’ dinner party, a Sunday brunch social, or a Saturday afternoon get-together.

Our Cutco at Home Specialists perform “Socials” at hostesses’ homes where they show an assortment of our top-selling knives and gadgets in a fun and informative setting. After the hour-long presentation, which includes creating and eating fun appetizers, each guest will have the opportunity to work with their Specialist to select the right items to start or add to their Cutco collections.


Our Philosophy

We believe everyone should have the ability to purchase Cutco’s high quality products with The Forever Guarantee.  We also believe there is more to life than the typical ‘9 to 5′ chaotic career.

Whether you work full-time, are going to college, are a stay-at-home mom, or just want to get out of the house, we have the opportunity for you. Our Specialists earn a substantial income with a flexible part-time or full-time schedule. Want to pay off debt? Save for home renovations or a family vacation? Fund a child’s college? Want extra spending money?

Whatever the case, we would love to help you explore if Cutco at Home is the perfect fit for you. Ready to host your own Cutco at Home Social to see what we are all about? Our hostesses earn 10% of the Social sales and, on average, a hostess earns over $125 in free product credit.


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